Order a Repeat Prescription

It is easier and quicker to book appointments and request repeat prescriptions via our online service. Simply log in and select an option.

Please allow a MINIMUM OF TWO FULL WORKING DAYS between requesting and collecting your medication.

To register with the online ordering service you need to fill in a form and present this at the Surgery with 2 forms of identification. You will then be given a registration code to create your own log in details with Vision Online Services.

Ordering repeat prescriptions

Patients on long term medicationshould have the tear-off (on right hand side) page on their last prescription which lists all your current repeat medications .

1.  Please clearly mark the items required and put it in the silver mail box located outside the front door at the surgery, or post it to us. The box is checked 3 times a day.

2.  Alternatively you can order online anytime by following the link at the top of this page and carrying out a simple registration.  Please remember this facility is strictly and only for repeat prescriptions i.e. items on the right hand side of your prescription sheet. We are unable to process any other non-repeat items requested in this way.  It is your responsibility that you request the right items.

3.  You could also ask your chemist to order the repeat prescription on your behalf if you find the above two options difficult.

4.  Please note that due to Data Protection obligations and Patient safety concerns we DO NOT accept repeat prescription requests over telephone.  We will make exceptions for elderly/disabled persons who are housebound, don’t use a computer, have no support AND have not managed to get a chemist to order their repeat prescription.  This will be considered on an individual basis by the practice manager after direct discussion with the patient .

Collection of Repeat Prescriptions

1. You can collect the prescriptions at the surgery and take it to any Chemist in Scotland. If you wish someone else to collect a prescription on your behalf, we MUST be notified of your consent for this  (consent forms are available from reception).

2.  Prescriptions are also collected every day by the local Kirkmuirhill Pharmacy around lunch time and twice weekly by Boots and Abbeygreen Pharmacies in Lesmahagow.  Please let us know in person or online (while ordering  repeat prescriptions)  if you require this service.  Please be aware that if you have requested for a Chemist pick up, there might be an additional delay depending on their frequency of pick up.

3.  Please note that we do not  post or fax prescriptions to any Pharmacy unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Home delivery  requests  should be discussed directly with the Chemist.

Non-Repeat Items (Acute Requests)

Non Repeat Prescriptions known as “Acute” prescriptions are medicines that have been issued by the Doctor but not added to your repeat prescription records. This is normally a new medication issued for a trial period and may require a review visit with your Doctor prior to being added onto your repeat prescription records. Some medications are recorded as acute as they require to be closely monitored by the Doctor. You may therefore not always be issued with your requested medication as you may need to consult with your Doctor.

Hospital Requests

When you are discharged from hospital you should normally receive five days supply of medication.

On receipt of your medication requirements, which will be issued to you by the hospital, please bring this to the surgery or post via S.A.E. before your supply of medication has run out.

Hospital requests for change of medication will be checked by the GP first, and if necessary your Doctor will issue you with a Prescription. The Practice will endeavour to issue you with your prescription on that day, but it cannot be issued until your medical details are checked by the Doctor, your prescription should normally be ready within 72 hours.

Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor or practice nurse at least once a year to review these regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip. Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.

Additional Requests of Repeat Medication

A Scottish home and Health Department circular from 1971 clarifies the position on prescribing for patients going abroad for extended periods. It states:-

“If a patient intends to go away for a longer period (than two to three week’s holiday) he/she may not be regarded as a resident of this country and would not be entitled to the benefits of the National Health Service…. It may not be in the patient’s best interest for him/her to continue to self-medication over such longer periods…. If a patient is going abroad for a long period, he/she should be prescribed sufficient drugs to meet his/her requirements only until such time as he can place himself/herself in the care of a doctor at his/her destination.”

Where ongoing medical attention is not necessary, the patient may be given a private prescription.