A Very Warm Welcome to Blackwood Medical Practice

Your GP works ever more closely with other community based health professionals trying to provide increasingly complex care close to your home and away from the Hospitals. This means your GP may not always be the first port of call when a health need arises and your needs may be best met with by another expert in the community.

Please access the section “Consult with a Doctor or Healthcare Professional” so you can select the service that most meets your needs. This may save you time, and avoid having to arrange an unnecessary appointment with a Doctor.

Our aim is to provide an effective, efficient and fair health care service to all our patients by:

  • Putting our patients at the centre of what we do
  • Having a professional integrated primary healthcare team who are suitably qualified and trained
  • Offering our services in a safe, supportive and suitably equipped environment

This website has been developed to help our patients manage their health and well being with access to local services in your area, and signposting you to the service you need, as well as information about the Practice. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

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